About Willingdon Trees

The geographical area covered by the Willingdon Trees Neighbourhood Panel is The Willingdon Trees Estate and the area West of Brodrick Road to Willingdon Park Drive.


About the Willingdon Trees Neighbourhood Panel

The panel is a Sussex Police initiative and its aims are to identify concerns of residents, traders and the public using living and visiting The Willingdon Trees area.

An invitation was sent out to local community representatives and the first meeting of the Willingdon Trees Neighbourhood Panel was held in September 2008 in the Willingdon Trees Community Centre at Holly Place.

The Borough and County Councillors Community Enforcement Officers. Police,  and Social housing landlords are amongst the groups who attend on a regular bases.

It is hoped that the whole community will contribute to identifying the way forward to making the Willingdon Trees area a successful and safe environment for all concerned.

As these are early days for this panel there is a questionnaire on this website to enable you to submit your concerns direct to the committee.  Making things better for the community is based on us knowing what is happening.  If you don’t tell us we can’t get someone to look at the problem.

We were established in 2006 as a Local Action Team (LAT) and designed to be an independent focus group for solving local issues such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism and local crime.

We attempted to use a “revolving chair” approach, but it soon became obvious that we lacked continuity and structure.  So at the request of our local councillors, I was asked to put myself forward as Chairman.  I did resist this for several months as I only wanted to attend these meetings as a resident and representative of the community centre (of which I am also the Chairman).  But as it was important to the group that a resident chair the meetings, I eventually agreed.

What we like best about our Neighbourhood Panel is that we work together as a team.  Everyone brings their skills and contacts to the table and we sit and work things out for the betterment of our community as equals.

Our goals are simple:   

  • Be proactive
  • Reduce local crime
  • Improve our estate
  • Listen to our residents

Willingdon Trees still has a bad reputation, especially when you speak to estate agents.  But I can honestly say since moving here in 2004, that 90% of that reputation is unfair and unfounded.  However, we have had our fair share of problems.  But thanks to the combined efforts of our team, we have seen anti-social reports, street drinking and graffiti greatly reduced.

With the new objectives set out by police we were happy to be re-absorbed in 2009 as a Neighbourhood Panel - as our objectives and freedom as a group would remain the same, but our resources would increase.

If you have any issues you would like us to tackle, or if you would like to contact us personally, you can either phone or email your local councillor who will be more than happy to help you, or contact me (Dan) directly by email at treesnews@yahoo.com, or by phone on 07875 719 875.

We would like to have more residents taking an active roll on the panel and of course local businesses.  Please contact us if you would like to play a part in shaping your community.