Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel
4th September 2019,
Bridgemere Centre


Apologies for absence.

The Committee, what we have done and why, our plans for the panel.

Residents' comments, discussion,


Representative from the Neighbourhood Police Team.

Representative from Neighbourhood First (allotments).

Comments from Councillors.

Items outstanding from minutes of meeting 6th March 2019:

a. Residents to write to David Tutt as our County Councillor, and to the County Council directly with concerns about the crossing of the cycle path at Bridgemere Road. It's a blind bend and cars come round too fast.

b. Residents to write to David Tutt as our County Councillor about grass verges being churned up by motorists on Bridgemere Road.

Problems with Horsey Way Cycle Path. Inconsiderate use by some cyclists.

Latest information on ESK site sale.

Vote on retaining the Committee.

Any Other business

Roselands and Bridgemere  Neighbourhood Panel News

The Bridgemere Centre

Dates of Panel Meetings

Panel meetings are held on the first Wednesday of March, June, September and December. All at 7.30 pm In the Bridgemere Centre, 100 Bridgemere Rd, Eastbourne BN22 8TY

All residents living in the Roselands and Bridgemere area are invited to attend, to take part in the meeting and to voice their concerns and opinions about their neighbourhood.

The Agenda for the next meeting will be published here the week before, and you will be able to read the minutes of meetings by clicking on the heading “Meetings Notes” at the top of the page. Minutes will be published within one week of each meeting.

26th February 2020

Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel

Wednesday 4 March 2020,
Bridgemere Centre


1. Items outstanding from minutes of meeting 29 January 2020.

a. Horsey Way Cycle Path.
Cllr Tutt and Rebecca Whippy aware of suggestions for speed humps. Dog waste bin requested for gates by Churchdale allotments.

b. Horsey Way information board.
The school would like to be involved. Andrew Tilney to advise on condition of the framework. Kay Warner then to liaise with school and inform Andrew of the proposed theme.

c. Inviting speakers
Committee conducted a poll and residents voted for inviting someone to speak about roads. Highways Steward invited. Awaiting reply.

d. Planning
Response to question on how residents can influence planning for health provision from Matt Hitchen. I’m not aware that one can influence or participate in the NHS clinical commissioning team report that inputs into the planning process; however there is a ‘Get Involved’ section on the Eastbourne Hailsham and Seaford CCG website that might be of interest. -

5. Neighbourhood First

8. Local Councillors

9. Any other business

Date of Next Meeting Wed 3 June 2020

Other quarterly meetings this year: Wed 2nd September, Wed 2nd December

22nd January 2019

Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel Extra
Wednesday 29 January 2020,
Bridgemere Centre


1. Apologies for absence.

2. Items outstanding from minutes of meeting 4 September 2019

a. Horsey Way Cycle Path.
ESCC will install “share with care” signs as part of the ongoing project. Cllr Tutt updated.

b. No cold calling zones update.
This proved to be very bureaucratic and quite complicated. Roselands and Bridgemere is too large an area for the Committee to deal with. Local residents need to be involved. Any interested participants, committee can help by providing information etc.

c. Horsey Way information board.

The school has been contacted to see if they would like to be involved, no reply yet. If the school do not respond, perhaps Eastbourne Museum may be interested.

d. Residents to come up with ideas to calm traffic approaching the allotments. Residents have noted that the drive in to the tip in St. Philips has speed humps and this is not a dangerous shared path for pedestrians and cyclists so why not the Horsey Way between Churchdale Road and the allotments? Cllr Tutt made aware.

e. Inviting Highways Steward and NCL to meeting.

Put off until 2020 because of proposed developments, local plan consultation and planning officer visit.

f. Parkers loading and unloading from pavement.
Residents to send photos to HSE. Did they?

5. Neighbourhood First

6. Localised Flooding – Nick Claxton Briefing Notes

7. ESK Development – The Courtlands

8. Local Councillors

9. Any other business

10. Date of Next Meeting Wed 4 March 2020

29th November 2019

Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel
4th December 2019,
Bridgemere Centre


1. Apologies for absence. Timetable for meeting.

2. Introduce Anna Clare

3. Anna Clare Q&A

4. Items outstanding from minutes of meeting 4 September 2019
a. Horsey Way Cycle Path.
b. No cold calling zones update.
c. Horsey Way information board.
d. Residents to come up with ideas to calm traffic approaching the allotments.
e. Inviting Highways Steward and NCL to meeting.
f. Parkers loading and unloading from pavement.

5. Representative from Neighbourhood First

6. Comments from Councillors

7. Any other business
a. Shout out for Safe Pavements Campaign.

20th August 2019

Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel Update

Nicola Mason, the long standing chairperson for the Panel, had to stand down recently. The meeting in June sought to appoint a replacement, but it was generally felt that expecting one person to run the Panel single handed, as it had been, was asking too much. As it seemed likely that the Neighbourhood Panel would be dissolved, a group of admins from a local facebook group decided to try and keep it going. We have formed an interim Committee to deal with the Panel administration until September, when we hope residents will vote for us to continue.

We've drawn up a simple Constitution to work to and to present to the meeting, we will produce an Agenda for the meeting in September and we will do our best to deal with anything that comes up in the meantime. We have cleared our plan with the Neighbourhood Policing Team and with the EBC Department responsible for Neighbourhood Panels.

You can find the Constitution by clicking on the heading “About” at the head of this page, and details about the Committee and the Panel membership by clicking on the heading “Members”.

A dedicated facebook page for the Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel went live recently. Here is the link:

Please go over and give it a “like”. Once we get going properly we hope to fill it up with news and useful information.

You can also contact us by twitter @randbpanel

28th June 2017

Update about problems with heavy goods vehicles

On Friday I attended a meeting at the council offices, about the problems we are having with heavy goods vehicles parking on the pavements in the area. I realise that dealing with this makes snail racing seem exciting and event filled, but I am going to keep going and post these reports to keep you informed as to progress.

One possible solution is to press ESCC again to put a loading bay in Courtlands Road, with backup restrictions to ensure traffic and pedestrians can move freely. In the past ESCC has refused this on the grounds of cost, but happily we have the support of the local Station Commander of the Fire Service, NSL Parking end enforcement, EBC and Eastbourne Motoring Centre. I shall be asking Eastbourne Police to add their voices as well. They will be supporting us and sending applications in writing to ESCC to give the biggest strongest argument we can muster to strengthen our request. I should be grateful if residents could also send their applications in as well to add to the argument and press for the result we need.
Click here to send in your request.

Also, NSL is collecting complaints! In order to support our efforts, if you see an illegally parked vehicle, please call NSL on 432000, so they can assemble the reports as evidence, and, if appropriate sort it out on the spot. They are well aware of us and have been doing hours of work to help resolve this situation. If you call, please ask them to mark the complaint for the attention of James Fawn, who is being a huge help in our efforts.

At the meeting on Friday, I was glad to have the chance to meet a representative of Eastbourne Motoring Centre who are also trying to help us by talking to their drivers, and asking them to park more considerately. They are also prepared to attend a Neighbourhood Panel meeting, and join with us in applying to ESCC for a bay. Their assistance is appreciated.

I have asked for a diagram of the proposed layout and tried to work out exactly how that would work. I have a rough idea, but obviously wiser heads than mine need to work out exact placement. The gist is that on one side of the road, there would be a marked parking bay, for lorries to use, parking ONLY on the road. This would obviously narrow the passing area down to one way traffic on that stretch of road, but it would be passable, as long as no one parked opposite. Parking opposite would be prevented by No parking/loading area to ensure the road is not blocked and traffic could get by. This would be strongly enforced by ticketing anyone who obstructed the Road.

Now we just need ESCC to see it our way and we have a solution.

30th March 2016

Letter to Police and Crime Commissioner

Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel Chair, Nicola Mason wrote to the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne to express her concern that Police would no longer be routinely attending Neighbourhood Panel meetings.

Click here to read the letter and the response from the PCC's office.

8th December 2015

The next meeting of the Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel will be at 7.30pm on 2nd March 2016 at the Bridgemere Centre.

6th June 2015

The next meeting of the Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel will be on 2nd September at 7.30 pm at the Bridgemere Centre.

5th June 2015

Eastbourne Achievers Awards

The Panel was honoured with a 'highly Commended' award by the Eastbourne Achievers Committee. We celebrated with a cake (see right) and a photo shoot!

12th May 2015

Water Treatment Works Upgrade

I attended a drop in session at Suncoast Church about the proposed water treatment works upgrade.

The main concern I raised was the noise and traffic congestion caused by the vehicles attending the site. It is a narrow road and can get extremely busy.

This is a matter of concern to South East Water as well. They are looking into the use of smaller lorries and delivery times outside the busy times. The main difficulty appears to be that lorries will find access may take a few manoeuvres and slow traffic as they negotiate their way into the site.

They are in full agreement that there can be no parking on the pavement or blocking the road while vehicles await access.

This area is well populated and, with the anticipated new homes being built on the BT Building site, the demand for water is high and these works are to supply our needs.

The anticipated dates are subject to change but are as below.

Planning permission submission: 1st June 2015
Completion of Planning Permission:  1st Aug 2015
Demolition of existing buildings: Late June 2015
Completion of demolition: End of July 2015
Construction: August 2015
Completion of construction: April 2016
New equipment go live: April 2016

13th March 2015

The next meeting of the Bridgemere and Roselands Neighbourhood Panel will be held on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 at 7:30pm in the Bridgemere Centre.

Refreshments will be available and all are welcome.

13th March 2015

HGVs damaging footpaths and obstructing roads in
Roselands and Bridgemere area - raised 6th Jan.

At the Panel meeting 04/03/15 it was agreed that this issue remains as a local issue with Eastbourne Borough Council as the lead agency. They are liaising with East Sussex County Council Highways department to see why they made a recent decision not to mark out specific loading bays for the car transporters. Police have agreed to speak to the drivers of any transporters parked, or partially parked on pavements and advise them that this is an offence and to ticket any repeat offenders.

After the meeting Police located a car transporter parked half on the pavement outside ESK. The driver was given advise and advised that next time he would receive a fine. His company are also being formally written too, to advise them that their drivers should  refrain from this practise.  

Speeding cars along St Phillips Avenue.

Complaints received from local residents as to the speed of vehicles at this location. Before Christmas the chair of the neighbourhood Panel took a petition from residents to East Sussex County Council highways department. Since then a meeting was held between the Panel chair and Highways Department and a traffic speed survey is currently taking place to see if the road qualifies as a candidate for a 20mph zone.

Funding would be required for Signage if this was to be approved. The Panel would seek funding from Eastbourne Borough Council. In the meantime if residents note repeat offending speeding vehicles then they are encouraged to record the vehicles registration mark and report it online to ‘Operation Crackdown’

Residents concerned about individuals operating out of
the garages to the rear of the avenue. – raised 6th Jan.

Since the 6th Jan Council officers have attended the location and spoken with the businesses and confirm that they are operating legally. If residents experience undue noise levels they should contact Eastbourne Borough Council who lead on noise complaints.

To prevent and detect burglaries across the area.

Issue raised at last neighbourhood Panel meeting on 06/04/15.

It was recognised that whilst there has been some recent excellent results from local Police with arresting burglars and detecting offences from across Eastbourne, there had been some burglaries to people’s homes and commercial properties within the Roselands and Bridgemere area. For this reason it’s an issue that the Panel would like Police to prioritise. Police will always investigate all allegations of burglary to a high standard with officer attendance. Scenes of crimes officers will also attend where appropriate. Neighbours will be spoken too to establish if there are any witnesses and intelligence sources will be used to try and detect any offences reported.

If a burglary occurs to someone’s home then residents in the area will be alerted to this fact by Police to remind residents to ensure their properties are left secure.

28th July 2014

Next Panel Meeting

The Next meeting of the Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel will be held in the the Bridgemere Centre on 3rd September at 7:30pm.

21st February 2014

Chair's Update

The next Meeting of Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood panel will be held on 5th March 2014, starting at 7.30 pm.

Since our last meeting, I have had a meeting with Stephen Lloyd MP to discuss local issues. Among them, the problems with car transporters and the BT Building. I have been asked to give feedback to Mr Lloyd about these proposals and will have more information to discuss with you all so that I can respond properly.

Sgt. Ripley has been in contact with me to confirm that an extensive enquiry is under way to deal with the recent local burglaries. All that can be done is being done..

Community Speedwatch is now up and running, so hopefully the speeding problem will be reduced.

I look forward to seeing any local residents at the meeting and hearing your views.

5th November 2010

Car Crime Spate

"Residents of the Bridgemere and Roselands area of Eastbourne are being urged to be extra vigilant after a spate of car crime in the area.  Crime generally is low in the area, however overnight on 21st October 3 cars have been broken into and satellite navigation systems, iPods, and stereo's have been taken from the vehicles.  It is important for all valuables to be removed from vehicles when left unattended to remove the temptation of opportunist thieves.  Enquiries continue as to who is responsible for the thefts, and anyone with information is urged to contact Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999. 

PC Ed Faulkner, Neighbourhood Constable for the area, said "Bridgemere and Roselands is a safe place to live and work, however there will always be times when thieves try their luck and target any vehicle they see with valuables on display.  All residents in all parts of Eastbourne are reminded of the need to remove all valuables from their vehicles overnight, or when left unattended.  Crime is low, lets try and keep it that way."

21st May 2009

On the evening of Wednesday 20th May the Roselands and Bridgemere panel met and elected its chair. Chris Moffett was elected by those members present and took the chair during the meeting. A good discussion took place about the issues affecting the area.

The issues were primarily road and parking related. Bridgemere Road, Northbourne Road, and the areas around the schools were highlighted by residents are having a particularly bad impact on residents, and buses trying to get through the area. Additionally road safety was highlighted given the number of children in the area. It was agreed that at a future meeting a representative from East Sussex Highways be invited along, as well as the local Councillors for the area.

PC Faulkner said "This was another very productive and positive meeting. I'm very pleased with the issues that are being raised, and the enthusiasm that there is to find solutions to them. The whole Neighbourhood team look forward to working with Chris, and members of the panel, into the future."

The next panel meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th June 2009 at the Bridgemere Centre.

13th April 2009

Efforts to set up a Neighbourhood Panel for the Roselands and Bridgemere area have moved forward and it is hoped to hold the first meeting in May 2009. Many local residents have come forward saying that they are willing to work alongside the Police to tackle the issues that effect the area, and the first meeting will set the priorities for the area, along with deciding on a chairperson of the group.

PCSO Wendy Turner has been working hard approaching many residents explaining the benefits of the Panel structure. Borough and County Councillors for the area have also been supportive and it is hoped that the Panel will make a real difference to the area.