The Langney Point Panel is still in its infancy, however it is already having a positive impact on the area.  Having been set up by the local PCSO, Tony Holland, it has met several times to look at the priorities and issues raised by residents. 

At the moment the panel is focusing on both issues of anti-social behaviour as well as environmental issues impacting the area.  The current chair, Margaret Jordan, has been working hard to resolve the issues raised and is linking in well with PSCO Tony Holland and the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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 Langney Point and St Anthony's Neighbourhood Panel News

20th September 2018

Panel Chair Standing Down

Sadly, due to family health problems, Margaret has had to stand down as Chair of this Neighbourhood Panel.  In the meantime, Sovereign councillors will run a series of street meetings, and residents will be leafleted in advance. 

Margaret will keep the panel Facebook page active and messages and information can be left on it.  If anyone would be able to find the time to take over the running of this valuable and well attended Panel, please contact Margaret on

30th May 2018

June Meeting cancelled

The meeting planned for THURSDAY 7th JUNE has been CANCELLED and a new date will be advised for September.  

The current Chair, Margaret. will be resigning in September due to family problems. so please think about volunteering for a new Chair and also a secretary for this panel, so that it can continue in some form.

1oth November 2017

Next Panel Meeting

The next meeting of the St Anthony's & Langney Point Panel will be on Tuesday 14 November, at Christ the King in Princes Road, starting at 3pm as usual. A guest speaker from  Sussex Police, plus ward councillors and a Neighbourhood First advisor. 

21st June 2017

Panel Meeting Cancelled

As several members will be on holiday, the July meeting has been CANCELLED. 

The next meeting is scheduled for  14 November, but as this is rather a long gap between meetings, please send me any queries you may wish to raise so that I can pass them on, and if necessary I will send out a news sheet before November.

7th March 2017

Next Panel Meeting

The next panel meeting is on Tuesday 14 March, in the church hall of Christ the King, starting at 3pm. 

As we frequently have parking queries, and in view of the recent consultation, two members of the Parking Team have agreed to come along to answer questions. 

4th November 2016

Next Panel Meeting

The Langney Point and St. Anthony's Neighbourhood Panel will meet in the hall at the Church of Christ the King, Princes Road, starting at 3pm on Tuesday 8th November.

A representative from ESCC Highways is expected, so come along with any questions you have about our local roads.

8th September 2016

Arrests Made After Police Chase

Yesterday afternoon Police on routine patrol saw a Vauxhall Corsa acting suspiciously in the Crumbles area.  The marked Police car attempted to stop the vehicle however the vehicle failed to stop for Police and drove off along Pevensey Bay Road, Princes Road, Wallis Avenue, Seaside, and then coming to a stop in Lottbridge Drove colliding with another unrelated vehicle. 

The vehicle, at times, drove on the wrong side of the road, and also mounted the pavement on occasion too.  Police acted quickly to ensure that the follow was conducted safely with minimal risk to road users and pedestrians, including deploying a “stop stick” to disable the vehicles tyres to safely bring the follow to a conclusion.

No person was injured in the incident, however two males were arrested in relation to drugs offences, and standard of driving matters.  They have been released on Police bail pending further enquiries into the matter. 

Given the time of day there would have been many people around those areas, especially with the Tollgate School being nearby and children heading home with their parents. 

If anyone witnessed the incident they are asked to contact Police on 101 quoting reference 961 7/9/16, alternatively emailing:

26th April 2016

Panel Meeting for 2016

The Langney Point and St. Anthony's Neighbourhood Panel will meet in the hall at the Church of Christ the King, Princes Road, starting at 3pm on:

  • Tuesday 5th July
  • Tuesday 8th November

1st December 2015

Devolved Ward Budget

Suggestions needed for devolved budget ideas. Please let Margaret know if you can think of anything which would benefit the area

18th August 2015

Next Panel Meeting

The next meeting will on Wednesday 9th September, in Christ the King church hall, Princes Road, starting at 3pm.

21st January 2015

Tony Holland Off Work

Our PCSO Tony Holland will be off work for a few weeks recovering from an operation.  Our area will be covered by PCSOs Martin Hylands and Libby Horsman, and main point of contact will be PC Ed Faulkner.

19th January 2015

Issues Raised at January Panel Meeting

Motorists are illegally turning right into Lottbridge Drove from the retail estate near KFC and The Range.

This is dangerous as vehicles heading along Lottbridge Drove do not expect vehicles to turn right in front of them. It was agreed that the junction signage is inadequate. Police have agreed to submit a report to Highways requesting that they review this junction signing. Councillor Jenkins will also submit a report to Highways.

Suspected drug dealing in Queens Crescent.

Police will increase both overt and covert in the street to assess the situation and stop check persons acting in a suspicious manner and use powers of search where applicable.

Residents are encouraged to call Crimestoppers 0800-555111 with any intelligence of vehicles or persons attending for this purpose.

Speeding vehicles along Beatty Road and Atlantic Drive.

Police will deploy the speed indication when resourcing allows.

12th January 2015

Next Panel Meeting

Our next panel meeting will be this Thursday, 15th January, in the ASDA community room.  This time the meeting will start at 2.00pm, to avoid having to turn out on a cold winter's evening.  

I realise some of you will not be able to come along due to work commitments or collecting children from school, but look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

We now have two microphones to use, so hopefully this will ensure that everyone hears clearly.

3rd October 2014

Thefts from Vehicles

In the last week we have seen a large increase in the number of thefts from vehicles.  These have centred around Langney Point and the Shinewater areas.  Thankfully we have arrested 2 people believed responsible, and a number of stolen items have been recovered. 

However what it alarming is that a number of vehicles were left unlocked overnight, with items such as mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, money, and MP3 players inside.  The thieves didn’t even have to break in, simply open up the drivers door and take their pick.  This is a good time to remind everyone of keeping their vehicle secure as well as removing any items inside that are of value or may be attractive to criminals. 

PC Ed Faulkner said “We are very pleased to say we have charged two people with a number of car crime offences, however everyone has a responsibility to take care of their own property.  Car crime is invasive, however unattended cars are an easy target for thieves.  Leaving nothing on show will always make the thief think twice, and walk on.  When you get out of your car at the end of your journey, remember to leave it empty.”

5th July 2014

Next Meeting

The next panel meeting will be on Thursday 18 September 2014, in the ASDA Community Room, starting at 7.00pm.

5th July 2014

Langney Point and St. Anthony's panel Facebook page

The Facebook page for our Panel is now up and running, so please join and add your news and comments to it.  For those already on Facebook, just search for Langney Point & St Anthony's Panel.  

For those not on Facebook, click on the Facebook icon at the top of the side panel on the right.

5th July 2014

Flowers on Five Acre Field

The lovely flowers on Five Acre Filed are a perennial wild-flower mix seeded with pure Flanders Poppy seed (to commemorate the start of WW1). They will flower from June to September.

At the end of the season, once they have gone to seed, they will be strimmed back and will grow again each year. Further shrub species will be planted behind the bunds this autumn/winter. The field will become quite a colourful oasis in the middle of our area.

We are now just waiting for the plaque which shows its "QE2 Fields in Trust" status.

14th March 2014

Next meeting of the Langney Point and St Anthony's Panel

The next meeting of the Langney Point and St Anthony's Neighbourhood Panel will be on Thursday 8th May 2014, in the ASDA community room, starting at 7.OOpm.

17th December 2013

Christmas Message from the Chair

Thank you to everyone who has attended the panel meetings over the past year, your support is really appreciated, as without you there would not be a panel.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and look forward to seeing you on 15th January 2014.


3rd February 2013

Resurfacing of Queen's Road and Queen's Crescent

A meeting was held on Saturday 2nd February 2013 to discuss the unsatisfactory re-surfacing work in Queens Road, and the proposed work in Queens Crescent.

 The meeting was arranged so that local residents could discuss their concerns with Mr Roger Williams, Head of Highways, ESCC.  Councillor David Elkin also attended.  

The meeting was very positive, and agreement was reached on remedial work to be carried out in Queens Road, followed by re-surfacing to an agreed standard in Queens Crescent.