19th March 2009

Following the positive decision by the Shinewater Forum to move toward forming a Panel, the first meeting of the Panel was set for Tuesday 21st April 2009 at the Shinewater Sports and Community Hall in Milfoil Drive, Eastbourne.  This meeting brought together, residents, businesses, community groups, Councillors, Police and others to discuss the key issues facing the area. 

This meeting was open to all residents in the Shinewater area and will build on the good work that has already been started in the area.

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Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel News

3rd October 2014

Thefts from Vehicles

In the last week we have seen a large increase in the number of thefts from vehicles.  These have centred around Langney Point and the Shinewater areas.  Thankfully we have arrested 2 people believed responsible, and a number of stolen items have been recovered. 

However what it alarming is that a number of vehicles were left unlocked overnight, with items such as mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, money, and MP3 players inside.  The thieves didn’t even have to break in, simply open up the drivers door and take their pick.  This is a good time to remind everyone of keeping their vehicle secure as well as removing any items inside that are of value or may be attractive to criminals. 

PC Ed Faulkner said “We are very pleased to say we have charged two people with a number of car crime offences, however everyone has a responsibility to take care of their own property.  Car crime is invasive, however unattended cars are an easy target for thieves.  Leaving nothing on show will always make the thief think twice, and walk on.  When you get out of your car at the end of your journey, remember to leave it empty.”

11th October 2013

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel will be on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at the Community Centre, Milfoil Drive, starting at 7:00pm.

11th October 2013

Update from Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Continuing our efforts to try and provide Neighbourhood Panels with more information on crime levels in their areas, here are the crime statistics for the last 3 months. 

Theft - 5 (down 6 from last quarter)
Burglary Dwelling - 1 (up 1)
Burglary OTD - 1 (up 1)
Criminal Damage - 6 (down 7)
Assault (including domestic violence) - 6 (up 2)
Vehicle crime - 2 (down 1)
Drugs - 1 (down 3)
Other offences -  3 (up 2)

Total: 25 (down 11)

These figures have continued the very low levels of crime we have seen for the Shinewater area.  The fact that there has only been 1 burglary dwelling in the area over 3 months is exceptionally positive and we aim to continue that effort.

PCSO Andy Monico has arranged a day of action around the school and safety.  This involved collegues from the Roads Policing Department and others.  The reaction has been very positive, and it is something that we can repeat as necessary.  This was aimed more at engaging and educating rather than fining. 

1st February 2013

Langney Ward Rubbish Amnesty

On Saturday 16th February, between 7:00am and 10:30am, Eastbourne Borough Council will remove any rubbish left at designated collection points.  Collection of large items and white goods MUST be pre-booked.

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5th November 2010

Quality Streets Campaign Update

Following the Quality Streets event in Milfoil Drive on 29th September, Eastbourne Police have responded to local concerns with a week of intense activity to target anti-social behaviour, speeding and nuisance driving.

Whilst crime across the town has been continually reducing, feedback from the community to Officers, both at the event and afterwards, highlighted anxiety regarding anti-social behaviour within Shinewater and Langney.

Sgt Ed Ripley led the Police operation which included patrols working well into the night throughout the week. Representatives from Eastbourne Borough Council Community Enforcement Team and East Sussex Youth Development Service worked with local Police staff during the evening patrols in areas where there was the highest level of concern.

Officers from Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit undertook speed checks and targeted drivers who were committing offences such as using mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts and driving at inappropriate speeds. In all17 fixed penalty notices were issued and a number of drivers were cautioned.

Neighbourhood Police executed a drugs warrant at an address in Rotherfield Avenue and a quantity of cannabis and cocaine were seized. The 24 yr old male occupant was arrested and subsequently cautioned for possession of cannabis and cocaine.

In separate operations alcohol was seized from under-age drinkers and two youths were cautioned for possessing cannabis.

Sgt Ripley said, “I want the community to be reassured that we are doing everything possible to address the issues that have been highlighted to us from both the Quality Streets event and from the Neighbourhood Panel. Anti-social behaviour has always been a priority to us and local Officers work tirelessly to address it. However, from time to time we will invest additional police resources to target an area where anti-social behaviour is a particular problem. The aim of the week of high visibility patrols is to both reinforce the message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and to increase community confidence.”

The next Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th November at Shinewater Community Centre to which anyone can attend. Local Officers will be there to update the community on their continuing progress to meet the panel’s priorities. In addition, the dedicated local Officer, PCSO Andy Monico, can be contacted on 07787 685819.

Inspector Rachel Barrow is in charge of Neighbourhood Policing for Eastbourne. “Drug misuse ruins lives. We will continue to target people involved in the misuse of drugs and further warrants will be executed wherever possible. Information can be given by calling the Police or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

For more information please contact:

Sussex Police - Inspector Rachel Barrow:
rachel.barrow@sussex.pnn.police.uk 0845 60 70 999 ext 77315

Eastbourne Crime Reduction Partnership – David Kemp
david.kemp@eastbourne.gov.uk 01323 415346

7th October 2010

Quality Streets for Milfoil Drive

Residents saw a coordinated operation bringing Officers from Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Eastbourne Borough Council’s Community Enforcement and Animal Wardens as well as East Sussex Trading Standards who were all available to give advice and answer questions. Officers from the DVLA were on hand to remove untaxed and abandoned vehicles.

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11th June 2010

Travellers in Shinewater Park

Residents will no doubt have noticed that Travellers had set up in Shinewater Park over the last week.  They have now been moved on after formal notice was issued to them.  During the time that they were at the Park Sussex Police received a huge number of calls from local residents concerned about the location and also the impact it may have on children using the play facilities during the half term. 

Sussex Police worked alongside Eastbourne Borough Council, East Sussex County Council, and other partners to ensure that a more suitable site was found for the travellers whilst looking out for the interest of local residents.  Local Officers tried hard to keep all residents who contact the Police updated with what was happening as we are aware that the community in Shinewater were concerned over this issue. 

If anyone would like to speak with Neighbourhood Officers about this issue please contact PC Ed Faulkner on 07787 685813.

18th March 2010

Shinewater Fun Day

PCSO Craig Oakley, PCSO Andy Monico, Dog Welfare Officer, Sue Criddle and Polar at the Shinewater Fun Day

24th May 2009

Speed Checks in Shinewater

Members of the Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel, identified speeding as a priority. In response, officers used a Speed Intervention Device (SID) which targeted motorists one morning in Larkspur Drive, junction with Carisbrooke Close, Eastbourne. Fourteen motorists were caught speeding between 9am and 10.15 am. Drivers took action when they noticed ‘SID's 'unhappy' face. Comments on the day welcomed this action.

Sgt Ed Ripley, Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "It is important that drivers realise the speed that they are driving and the effect that this has on the local community. The SID was effective and drivers reacted by slowing down".

"The SID is designed to alert road users of their speed and will ultimately assist in reducing the potential for road traffic accidents through speed awareness".

For more information please contact PC Ed Faulkner on 0845 60 70 999 using extension 19768, or e-mail Ed

11th February 2009

The North Langney Community Forum has met to discuss the possibility of creating a new Neighbourhood Panel for the Shinewater area.   This will build on the success of the work the Forum has done and ensure that activities such as the Fun Day is maintained.  The new Panel is as much about bringing the community together as it is dealing with crime, anti-social behaviour and other related issues.

After meeting with the Forum members PC Ed Faulkner said, "This is a really positive step.  We are building on the success that Panels in other areas of Eastbourne are having by extending it to Shinewater and surrounding areas.  I would like to that the Forum members for being so positive about this and look forward to working closely together to bring this new Panel about.  We will now begin the task of getting as many residents involved in this, and also approach local businesses and community groups."

The new Panel is looking to hold its first meeting in late March, and the date will be publicised as soon as possible.  If you would like to get involved please contact PC Faulkner on ed.faulkner@sussex.pnn.police.uk or by calling 0845 60 70 999 using extension 19768.