The Role of Langney Village Neighbourhood Panel

The role of this panel is to discuss the concerns in areas such as policing, housing and the provisions for the young and older in our community.

The aim is to work with local people and other agencies to help tackle issues of concern in Langney. The Key tasks of the panel is to advise agencies such as the Police, Borough Council and Housing etc of our local priorities, to discuss specific issues of mutual concern, and to agree a number of key action to be completed between meetings and to take these actions forward.

For more information about the Langney Village Neighbourhood Panel:
e-mail the Langney Village Panel Chairman
or PC Ed Faulkner

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Langney Village Neighbourhood Panel News

13th October 2011

Quality Street Event

A Quality street event will take place in December.

This event brings together all the key local agencies for residents to come and speak to about any problems or issues that have. Not only emergency services, but housing, local council, public health, and advisory services will also be present to give advice and help on almost any subject. Come along and meet us. The event will take place on 20 Dec 2011, 10:00AM Langney Shopping Centre Kingfisher Drive Eastbourne, BN237RT

20th December 2010

Quality Streets

Eastbourne Crime Reduction Partnership took its Quality Streets event to
the Langney Shopping Centre, Eastbourne on Tuesday 14th December.
Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, Eastbourne Borough
Council’s Community Enforcement, Environmental Health and Dog
Warden, Eastbourne Homes, Amicus Horizon, Neighbourhood Watch and
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Team were on hand
between 9:30am and 1:30pm to provide help and advice on all aspects of
community safety to people using the centre.

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Local Priorities

Anti-social behaviour especially during darker evenings and weekends

Issue raised on 18 Nov 2010

What we did: Operation Blitz is a dedicated team staffed with PC's, PCSOs and Specials that work in the evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights starting at 18:00hrs each evening. The teams sole priority is dealing with youths behaving in an antisocial manner drinking and causing general nuisance. If you would like more information on this operation then please contact your local PCSO. The information is on the main page of this Panel area. What happened? Since the operations start many months ago we have seized hundreds of bottles of alcohol and taken numerous youths back home to their families.

Action taken on 20 Nov 2010

Parking issues, especially around local schools as it is danger to children and residents

Issue raised on 18 Nov 2010

What we did: Local PCSO's have met with parents who will be sending children to the school in the new term to make clear the safety issues that exist around this sensitive area. Parking is always going to be a problem, however if parents are responsible we can make sure the area is made even safer for children. We also work closely with "NSL" who are the parking enforcement company for the local authority to patrol these areas at peak times. What happened? Road safety is an issue that will also be a top priority for many people. We will continue to work on this issue all the time to make sure that accidents are kept to a mimimum.

Action taken on 20 Nov 2010

Speeding and careless driving

Issue raised on 18 Nov 2010

What we did: Our traffic department constantly patrol our roads ensuring their safe usage. Neighbourhood Police officers and Specials have been trained in the speed detection devices and have been deployed at various sites highlighted by yourselves around the town. Operation Crackdown has been launched. The operation gives members of public oportunity to phone or email details of vehicles driving innapropriately. This in turn allows us to visit the drivers and deal with their driving appropriately. What happened? We have had numerous interventions with various members of the public which have been resolved in a number of ways. Many of these people who's driving has fallen below the expected standard have been hilighted by yourselves via operation crackdown.

Action taken on 20 Nov 2010