About Sovereign Harbour

Sovereign Harbour is part of Eastbourne's Sovereign Ward and its eastern boundary is also the eastern boundary of Eastbourne. It is unique in having a harbour and the largest sheltered marina in northern Europe.

The Waterfront area has a variety of restaurants, with outside eating areas, and a number of other shop. There are public promenades around most of the water areas and two areas of beach, one on each side of the harbour entrance. The promenades and beaches offer many leisure opportunities and are very popular with dog walkers from many areas of the town and beyond.

Sovereign Harbour was developed in two phases; the South Harbour, which was built first, and the North Harbour. There is still a small amount of construction outstanding on both harbours.

There is no direct road link between the two parts of the harbour but the area is very well served by cycle routes, which do allow cross-harbour access, and which link to the seafront promenade.

The original design incorporated a "Cross-Harbour Bus Link", and money was provided to fund this through a S.106 agreement. Despite repeated attempts by residents' groups to force the Borough Council to enforce this agreement, it is still oustanding.

About the Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Panel

Sovereign Harbour is the most densely populated area of the town, but has the fewest public open spaces. The over-development of the area has led to a severe shortage of street parking for both residents and visitors, and the failure to provide play areas has left local children with little option but to play in residential roads.

Sovereign Harbour has a busy Waterfront area with a number of retail outlets, restaurants and late-night bars. The area is popular with local residents, visitors from other areas of the town and tourists, who often arrive by coach.

The unique nature of the area has set unique problems for residents, and these are reflected in the priorities that have been set by the Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Panel:

Anti-social behaviour

  • Dog fouling
  • Litter
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Noise
  • Abusive behaviour

Traffic problems/Car crime

  • Inconsiderate/illegal parking
  • Excessive speed
  • Aggressive/inconsiderate driving
  • Thefts from/damage to vehicles
  • Pedal and motor cyclists

Waterfront issues

  • Late night noise
  • General anti-social behaviour caused by excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Underage drinking
  • Drugs related problems
  • Security/lighting

The Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Panel is, above all, about empowering the community, and giving local people the help  needed to manage their own neighbourhood. It is another step in the process of providing the sustainable community that residents bought into.

If you have any comments, or issues that you would like to bring to the attention of the panel, please e-mail us